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lhps plumbing service


Plumbing plays a very integral part of your household or business and is very inconvenient when it goes wrong. From a small blockage in your pipes to a serious flood, LHPS  are professionals and we will do our best to accomodate your household or your office needs, taking the pressure and the hassel of the problem away from you, making it a little easier for you to deal with. LHPS has fully trained and qualified engineers all of whom are capable of carrying out any of your plumbing jobs, small or large, let LHPS fix it for you.


lhps plumbing service

All our engineers are fully trained and qualified and are able to undertake a wide range of services. With our well earned reputation, you are guaranteed a first class service. Whether you need a new washer for a dripping tap or a completely new central heating system, from a leaking boiler or water tank to sink waste units and pumps, we will provide a fast and very reliable service. Our expert plumbers will not waste your time and then charge you for it. They will work as quickly and professionally as you would expect for a first class service, with the minimum of distruption to you.


In your home, your kitchen has the most amount of pipes carrying water in and out, closely followed by your bathroom. Between your kitchen and your bathroom there are plenty of opportunities for a leak due to a burst pipe which could cause a catastrophic disaster and a real mess. Water damage can prove to be very disrupting and inconvenient.We can install and refurbish Bathrooms, Shower Rooms and Kitchens to a very high standard. Our fully qualified engineers are able to fit taps, toilets, traps and vents, Saniflow systems, waste disposal units, Cylinders, Thermostats, pumps, Water Tanks and water immersion heaters. Sort out any hot water and heating problems including diagnosing and repairing leaks, burst pipes and overflows.


Our highly qualified and experienced team will identify and rectify all Plumbing, Heating and Drainage problems with the upmost professionalism causing the least inconvenience possible to you and your family. If it’s a problem with the mains supply and power showers, or toilets and baths, cisterns, bidets, basins and taps, we can repair it. Any type of bathroom, shower or wet room facility.


bt-plumbingBy liasing with the major suppliers in our industry, our team of specialists are able to always give you the expert information and advice you need, aswell as making sure that the most innovative products and best possible range of products are always available to you as a valued customer. All of our Engineers are experienced, fully qualified and capable of dealing with every type of plumbing problem. They can install and refurbish bathrooms and kitchens and handle all general household or business plumbing.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8664 9099 and member of our friendly, dedicated telephone team will be able to confirm that our Engineers are willing and able to help. With LHSP, you will be 100% satisfied with the way we work and the work we have done for you, guaranteed.