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An efficient boiler will make a huge difference to your energy bills. According to the Energy Savings Trust, 60% of what you spend on your energy bills per year is accounted for by your boiler. If you replace your old gas boiler with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler, you will significantly reduce your homes’ carbon dioxide emissions and together with tightening your heating controls, you could save as much as £300 a year, say the Energy Savings Trust.


Modern boilers are more efficient for many reasons but the main advantage is that they are condensing boilers. A well maintained boiler will burn fuel very efficiently, but can’t help but lose some of the heat through the flue as the hot gasses escape. A condensing boiler has a bigger heat exchanger. This means that it is able to send cooler gases up the flue retaining more of the heat and making it more heat efficient. Baxi, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are some of the boiler brands recommended by LHPS.


As mentioned in paragraph one, if you tighten your heating controls by turning your thermostat down by just a marginal amount of 1%, you could reduce your heating bill by up to 10%. This could mean a reduction over a year of around £60. You can reduce this even further by setting your heating and hot water to only come on when you require it rather than having it on permanently. The recommended guide for your water temperature would mean setting your cylinder thermostat to 60ºC/140ºF.


Controlling your heating output doesn’t mean that it is less important to regularly service your boiler. Reducing your thermostat temperature for your water and heating is no substitute for regularly having your boiler and other gas appliances reviewed by a Gas Safe Accredited heating engineer. Regular servicing of your boiler will help to extend its life span.


Another way of saving money and energy is to put a Powerflush through your system. The Powerflush Solution is chemical based and is flushed through the system, removing the build up of limescale, sludge and any other impurities in your heating system. It is a clean process and makes no mess. You will incur minimal disruption as the radiators do not need to be removed. Once the process has been completed, your system will have clean water running through it again and should be more efficient. Your boiler will be noticeably quieter and you could also be making a saving of up to 25% on your fuel bills!